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Extraordinary Charity Foundations That Put the ‘Fun’ in Funding

Extraordinary Charity Foundations That Put the ‘Fun’ in Funding

Charitable foundations provide funding and support for different advocacies. Supporting causes like hard-to-cure illnesses (like NF cancer charity,) and poverty alleviation, they’re usually viewed as stern and serious organizations. But there are also charity organizations that do good things and still maintain a funny or lighthearted image.

Check out these quirky charity organizations and consider making a donation to support their cause:

Child’s Play

Don’t worry, this charity organization is not related to the horror movie about a possessed doll. Instead, this organization helps provide entertainment to children stuck in hospitals due to a chronic disease or a terminal illness. What makes them unique, and probably why their charity is named as such, is that they lend video games or other toys to sick kids in over 140 partner hospitals that they visit.

Monkey Helpers

We all know that service dogs help veterans and disabled people with their daily lives. But, did you know that there are service monkeys as well? That’s what Monkey Helpers do: they train monkeys to assist old and disabled people with their daily activities.

Since monkeys have opposable thumbs like humans, they’re more suitable for tasks like opening medicine bottles, carrying items, opening doors, and more..

Afghans for Afghans

This organization helps people in Afghanistan, which has been stricken by war and poverty. But the type of help is not what you’d normally expect from a charitable foundation. What this organization does is to gather knitters across the U.S. so that they can make afghans, which they will send to people in Afghanistan.

Walk a mile in her shoes

woman wearing heels

This charity organization is designed to educate men about the situations that women often encounter. In order to increase awareness on the challenges and dangers that women face, men wear high-heeled shoes to raise money for the cause.

Project Linus

This organization helps children who are terminally ill or have experienced something traumatic by providing them with handmade blankets and afghans. They took the idea of providing children with a blanket from Linus, the character in the comic strip Peanuts. He’s a boy who never went anywhere without his favorite blanket.

All of the blankets are made by volunteers and the organization gives 350 blankets a month to children across the country. Project Linus has been operating for more than 20 years.

Heifer International

This organization is different from other charity foundations because not only do they help feed poor people, but they also provide a way to help them feed themselves. Heifer International provides livestock to poor people. They’ll have animals to take care of, which they can breed or sell for profit.

Every family that receives these livestock are trained to take care of their animals. When Heifer gives a family some chickens, sheep or cows that family can give the first female offspring to another family for that family to breed.

These are just some of the quirkier charity organizations that do good things for others. They strive hard to help others, but with a twist: they’re equally serious in helping, but are more lighthearted than other charity foundations.

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