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Gemstones: Three Important Things to Know About Them

Gemstones: Three Important Things to Know About Them

If you have just developed an interest in gemstones, you probably have a lot of questions. There are many different types of gemstones out there that walking into a gemstone shop in Salt Lake City can be bewildering. They seem to come in all shapes and colors, and they have equally complex names. The people who collect them seem to know everything there is to know about gemstones. But don’t let their enthusiasm put you off. These are some things that you need to know about gemstones as an amateur:

They are precious or semiprecious stones

Gemstones are categorized into two: precious and semiprecious. Precious stones include diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. They are mainly used in making jewelry. These stones are easy to find, but they can be very expensive, depending on the quality and cut of the stone. But in reality, it’s much harder to tell the difference between a precious stone and a semiprecious stone.

Semiprecious stones are other forms of minerals such as beryl and turquoise. They can be made of organic matter such as amber. A semiprecious stone can sometimes cost as much as a precious stone, and sometimes even more. This is the case when the stone is considered to be very rare or holds a unique characteristic such as an interesting pattern. What you choose to buy should depend on what you find most interesting.

There are lots of fake stones out there

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It is really hard to make fake diamonds or emeralds because it is difficult to achieve the high level of clarity that these gems have. But it is much harder to detect the authenticity of semiprecious stones. If you are not an experienced buyer, never buy gems without expert opinion.

You can choose to buy from a certified, reliable seller. Most cheap souvenir stores carry fake gemstones. Look out for the hardness, weight, clarity, and color. If a gemstone looks too brightly colored to be natural and is suspiciously low-priced, it is probably a fake. It’s important to always know what you are looking at.

Some people think that they have healing properties

For centuries, gemstones have been associated with healing properties that can help you feel better both mentally and physically. Crystals are thought to bring balance into people’s lives. There is a lot of material available about crystals. There are also specialists you can visit. They will tell you which stone is right for you. Semiprecious stones such as amethysts are thought to bring peace and creativity into your life. Some people also associate gems with birthstones. They may carry their birthstone for luck.

Whether you are buying gems for jewelry, decor, or inner peace, it is always important to buy the best stones. Do your research before going out to buy a piece of jewelry with precious or semiprecious stones. Keep in mind that it is easy to fool untrained eyes with fakes that look real or of high quality. Buying from a trusted source is your best bet unless you are an expert.

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