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Gift-giving Dilemma: What to Give People Who Already Have Everything

Gift-giving Dilemma: What to Give People Who Already Have Everything

A lot of people — perhaps more than half the population of the human race — are bad gift-givers. They don’t know what to get for their closest friends and families. They buy stuff only when they know they can use it themselves. But there are rare times when you genuinely want to give the best, most thoughtful, go-the-extra-mile gift. But the thing is that your friend or your loved one just has everything. If you’re stuck in this dilemma, don’t fret; you can express your love all the same with these gift ideas:


Instead of giving them material things, which probably are already in their closets or cabinets, offer them the intangible yet special gift of memories. Have a throwback of the good, old days. Compile all the photos you’ve had over the years in a scrapbook. Dig through your text and Facebook messages from two, three years ago, print them, and read them aloud on their birthday.

You can take it up a notch by reliving a good memory. Perhaps you and your friend were fond of going to the local arcade when you were younger. Visit the place again. If it’s not there anymore, maybe you can decorate your living room or garage in such a way for the special occasion. If this is your significant other, go back to the place where you first had your first date. Order the same meal you had. Take the same path you took after that romantic dinner. The point is to reminisce.


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This is one of the most valuable things in the world. You could be doing a lot of things — attend this or that meeting, manage your business, sleep the whole day. But if you choose to spend that valuable time with your friend or loved one, they’ll appreciate that. Be intentional in preparing how you’re going to make the most of your time with them. Think about their hobbies and interests.

Do they love working out? Maybe you can sign up together for a Zumba session or an aerial yoga class. Are they into traveling? Perhaps you can go for a ride without a particular destination in mind. Are they shopaholics? Maybe you can visit the boutiques or gift stores in Phoenix to get them cute novelty items that would let them remember your adventure day. If their closets are already cluttered with too much stuff because of their shopping habits, perhaps you can arrange a garage sale with them.


Yes, your friend already has everything, but you can very well do an upgrade of their stuff. How? Personalization. Engrave their names on their passport holder, necklace, or favorite mug. You can also have their birthday embroidered in their hanky or journal notebook.

Personalization goes beyond items. You can do it in terms of service, too. You can offer, for instance, to be your friend’s personal driver for one weekend when they do their errands. Let them play their favorite songs while on the road. Do things that will make your friend’s or loved one’s life easier. Personalize the service for them.

You are in a dilemma when trying to think of what to give someone who already has everything. But in these small gestures, hopefully, you can express how great your love is for them. Besides these suggestions, think of something that you cannot buy but will be appreciated by your friend or loved one.

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