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Tree Picking Tips: Choosing the Right Trees for Your Commercial Landscape

Tree Picking Tips: Choosing the Right Trees for Your Commercial Landscape

The exterior of your commercial establishment, whether it’s an office, a mall, an apartment, restaurant, or retail shop, plays a big part in its appeal and convenience (for workers as well as customers/clients). While it’s important to have necessary features such as parking areas, outdoor seating areas, and walkways, it’s just as vital to consider beautification.

You don’t have to commission an expensive mural or outdoor features such as a statue, fountains, or monuments, in fact, trees can be the perfect add-on to your commercial establishment to add a natural and positive vibe to your space. Certain trees also serve as shade and can provide customers and employees a place to escape the sun. As such, let’s take a look at tips and considerations when adding trees to your commercial property:

Go Native

You may have started looking up which trees could look well in your restaurant’s patio or your mall’s garden feature, but it’s important to consider the climate and soil quality in the area. Many trees could thrive in hotter climates, while some only grow in temperate areas. That said, you can’t go wrong choosing trees native to your area as they’re already fit for your climate and even soil quality. If you prefer having a tree that’s not native to your vicinity, it’s best to check with an expert; there are commercial landscaping services in Brookfield that also offer tree care and have experts who can help you choose and maintain the right tree and where they’re needed in your commercial grounds.

Be Mindful of Growth and Placement

Once you’ve chosen a tree that’s guaranteed to grow in the area, you’ll have to take note as to how big, wide, and tall it grows. Some trees may end up hitting any telephone lines nearby or grow into your building’s windows and verandas. In considering both growth and placement, you’d also have to take note of root spread — you may have already seen the effects of hard roots against concrete; how it forces its way out of the ground and result in breaking through, cracking, and deforming concrete. That said, you’d want to carefully pick trees that don’t have surface roots if you’re planning on placing it near concrete floors and slabs. Again, it’s best to consider asking an expert when in doubt about which tree to put and where.

Storm Resiliency

Lumberjack with saw and harness pruning a treeSome trees, even native ones, aren’t stormproof or can handle strong winds. These trees, while they may look elegant and perfect for your grounds, may end up dropping heavy branches all over your property which can potentially damage cars, commercial and personal property, and may even lead to injuries.

Drops, Pets, and Pests

There are trees that, even without strong winds, can constantly produce seeds, fruits, and leaves that would drop in its vicinity, which can be both costly and tedious to maintain regularly. Certain plants and trees are also toxic to pets, and planting one in a commercial area that is frequently visited by pet owners can prove to be disastrous. Lastly, there are also trees and plants that attract and host various pests, insects, and even diseases — these should be on top of your exclusion list when picking out trees.


Trees are indeed a good addition to your commercial property, improving the scenery and ambiance, and requiring low maintenance. But one should keep always be careful when picking the right tree for your property, and know that there are commercial landscaping services in Brookfield with tree experts that can professionally help you out in choosing, planting, and maintaining the trees in your property.

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