Here Comes the Guide: The Antidote to Wedding Planning Indecisiveness

Here Comes the Guide: The Antidote to Wedding Planning Indecisiveness

Every wedding detail requires a decision. From the type of entertainment to have at your reception down to the font of the table place card, there are so many choices to make. Good choices, mind you — which ironically make decisions even harder.

It’s not surprising if you find yourself paralyzed by all these nice, pretty options. But if you want to get things done quickly, then you better improve in the decision-making department.

The Wedding Vision

The most important thing to remember when you hit indecisiveness along the wedding planning process is your vision — the look and feel that you want to achieve in the end. When you have a clear picture of that in mind, it’s easier to eliminate options from your list and settle on one.

For instance, if you want the ceremony to be classic and formal, you know that in terms of color palette, there won’t be wild, quirky hues in any of the wedding details. In fact, you may home in straight to a black-and-white scheme.

In terms of the venue, beach is too laidback, garden is casual, and church is the one that’s most aligned to the traditional vibe. In the aspect of wedding catering services, Los Angeles-based experts explain that plated is more formal than buffet style. See how vision helps you narrow down choices and decide on one?

Now, a lot of couples indeed have a vision. But all too often, it’s not a very clear one. That’s where the problem comes in. Without a solid image of what you want to achieve, you’ll fall for all the nice, pretty options your wedding planner and vendors will offer you.

Be crystal clear about your vision. Don’t keep it in your head. Write down adjectives to describe it. Gather pictures of inspiration off the Internet and magazines and compile them. Whenever you feel stuck, go back to that vision board and journal.

Opinions Everywhere

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What many couples don’t expect when planning the wedding is the amount of unsolicited advice you get about how to go about things. Your aunt says you have to book this or that hotel venue. Your college friend tells you to say yes to this or that florist or caterer.

What makes this entire thing overwhelming isn’t only the number of comments everywhere, but also the fact that they clash sometimes. Add to this that you’re always on social media, being notified with new wedding Pinterest boards or updates from a friend who’s getting married, too. One huge scoop of unsolicited opinion again right there.

The solution to this isn’t to shut off everyone’s opinions. Rather, know which opinions matter. For that, it’s your wedding planner’s recommendations that are most valuable. They have years of experience in the field. They’ve seen the trends, hot and flop. So, they’re worth trusting in times of indecisiveness.

Have you been caught in the middle of good choices? Get out of that indecision pit by reminding yourself of your wedding vision and listening to the experts. Keep moving forward, girl.

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