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Improving Access for People with Disability

Improving Access for People with Disability

Persons with disability naturally cannot access facilities and move around independently like others. They cannot just go out whenever they want without someone accompanying them. This can be limiting both to them and the caregivers as well.

To improve the access and independence of people with disability, the following measures can be taken:

Allow jobs that do not require manual labor available to persons with disabilities

Having a job provides a feeling of satisfaction to an individual. Having work can mean the ability to provide for a family and earn a living on their own. It gives a sense of independence and self-reliance. Jobs that require a person to sit down and do paper and computer work in an office is a suitable work for any person, whether disabled or not.

It is also a good idea to allow work-from-home options for the disabled. By making these types of job available for the disabled, you provide a feeling of self-satisfaction, pride and independence.

Make use of assistive technology


Business establishments like restaurants provide access to people with disabilities by installing a ramp where a wheelchair can go through. This is a good initiative. However, the problem expands when one wants to go up a series of steps that do not need the use of an elevator or moving stairs.

Either the person has to try to stand up and use a crutch to go up the steps, or one or two people can carry the wheelchair to the next floor. To improve access for persons with disabilities to stairs, a wheelchair lift can be installed.

This will grant access to the individual and improve their independence inside the building. The wheelchair lift here in Salt Lake City, Utah, can also be installed in their homes. This will give them better control of their environment and feel less dependent on the people around them.

Advocate to improve the mobility of disabled persons

Mobility is one of the many challenges a disabled person faces. While improvements inside the home and the workplace, the problem of mobility still exists when the disabled person goes out in the street. The person can’t ride a bus on their own unless the bus has a wheelchair lift or a mechanism that allows them to ride the bus.

Not all public transportations are equipped with equipment or mechanisms to make it accessible for persons with disability. As such, the person should rent a car and employ a driver. Any organization that was created to focus on the needs of persons with disability should be made aware to try and focus their projects on the development of public transportation that is all-inclusive.

To go whenever you please is a freedom that you enjoy from the moment you are legally allowed to do so. It is a right that everybody should enjoy – whether disabled or not. As such, the creation and installation of innovations that focused on helping persons with disabilities to experience more freedom and self-reliance should be supported.

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