How to Keep Your Fear in Check Before Surgery

How to Keep Your Fear in Check Before Surgery

It’s not surprising to be afraid and anxious when getting ready for surgery. It can really be terrifying to know that you have no control over your fate once they put you into a deep slumber with anesthesia. Add to that the fact that there are operations that don’t end well.

But you have to remember that every patient’s chance of surviving a surgery is high, particularly because of the technology that we have today, which is far better than before. If you’re scheduled for operation with your orthopedic surgeon in Provo, Utah and you’re feeling scared about it, here are a few tips to help you conquer your fear.

Check the credentials of your medical team

One way to ease your anxiety about the upcoming operation is to check the credentials of your medical team. Even though the doctor who will operate on you is qualified for that kind of job, some people are still apprehensive because they really are afraid of going under the knife.

By checking your doctor’s credentials, it somehow shows you further proof that they know what they’re doing and therefore, you’ll feel more at ease.

Do some research

If you’re apprehensive about your surgery, try to do a little research on it to see how risky it really is. Also, by conducting your own research, you’ll feel more in control of the situation, which will further ease your mind.

A lot of people are afraid because they don’t feel that they’re in control of their situation. By learning more about your operation, you’re also taking control of your situation and therefore minimizing your anxiety.

Believe that you need this surgery

Since you’ve already decided to undergo this surgery, it means that you’ve made up your mind that you need this to feel better. So, work on that mindset and keep reminding yourself that if you don’t proceed, you’ll be in a worse situation.

Look ahead of the surgery

Another way to distract yourself from your upcoming surgery is to look forward to your healing process. Think of what you’ll be able to do once you’re healed from your illness. This will keep you preoccupied enough so that you won’t be thinking too much about the operation.

You can also ask your friends to discuss plans for you after you’ve come out of the hospital. Maybe you can plan a trip somewhere to help you focus on anything other than your operation.

Use relaxation techniques

Try emulating yoga practitioners and use some relaxation techniques to calm yourself down. You can try breathing exercises, which are effective in slowing down heart rate.

So, whenever you feel you’re experiencing a panic attack over your surgery, just inhale deeply, count to 10 while the air is still in your lungs, and then exhale.

Ask for professional help

If your anxiety level is too high and even breathing exercises couldn’t calm you down, then perhaps you need to consult a doctor to help ease your mind.

Therapists know how to help anxious patients fight their fears. Their methods are also much more effective than what you can find online. So, try seeking help from a professional if your fears are getting the best of you.

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