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Work Anywhere: Setting Up Your Portable Office

Work Anywhere: Setting Up Your Portable Office

When people think of jobs, they often think of being stuck at an office desk. But the modern technology and the demands of business means that you might need to work on the go. Fortunately, that is completely possible. You will need to build up your own portable office, which will let you do your job anywhere.

The Laptop

The heart of your portable office is the laptop. You actually don’t need to get anything fancy. You can just buy a cheap laptop that allows you to do word processing and connect to the internet. Note, though, that this is if you are working primarily with office work. But if you are doing anything fancier like video processing, you may want to get something more powerful.

Besides the main laptop, you are also going to want additional equipment. A good mouse that works on most surfaces is essential for better control. You will also want a portable drive as a backup for all of your work.

The Phone

Besides a laptop, the other thing that you need is a phone. Nowadays, it should be easy to get a satellite phone from a store. When you’re hunting around for a phone, you will want a feature-filled phone so that you can cover everything. Besides the features, you will want a roaming service that will cover as much of the globe as it can. This ensures that you will always be reachable at any time.

Portable Office

The Headphones

When you work on the go, sometimes, you will need to do your job out in public. This is where good headphones are needed. Noise-canceling headphones are the best choice since it will allow you to work without any disturbances. Plus, you can even buy one with a built-in microphone so that you would have video calls with no problems.

The Connection

The internet is what makes mobile work possible. This is why you need to get a Wi-Fi hotspot. There is no international roaming for Wi-Fi but, when you arrive in the local area, it should be easy enough to buy one for the region. If you are planning to stay in a country or a region for a long time, then you should get a good one. If your laptop doesn’t have a Wi-Fi adapter, then you should buy one. This will allow you to connect to the local Wi-Fi.

The Charger and Battery

Most of your portable office requires electricity, and you will need a charger to power things up. Though most devices have a charge comes with them, you might want to get a universal charger so that you can power up all of your devices from one source. Besides that, you might want to get a portable battery so that you can have an emergency source of power when you don’t have access to electricity.

A portable office can be something useful for when you are traveling for business. You might even decide to go completely on the road if your job requires you to. With the tips above, you can build a portable office that can let you handle any work emergency from anywhere in the world. This will let you stay competitive in the market and keep your business on its toes.

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