How to Minimize Product Returns and Keep Customers Happy

How to Minimize Product Returns and Keep Customers Happy

Product returns are detrimental to your business. Not only do you fail to satisfy your customer, but you also have to spend for the return shipping of your item. If that is not bad enough, your reputation may be stained when your dissatisfied customer decides to give your company a low rating online.

There are solutions you can implement in your online store to reduce product returns. For one, you can use cloud-based systems that specialize in this matter, which even come with warranty management features. Here are some more steps you can take.

Leave no room for confusion

When you are selling clothes online, for instance, you need to give specific details on the sizes. Shoppers often send items back when they find that the shirt or underwear they purchased does not fit.

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Provide your customers with a detailed sizing chart that is easy to use so that they will be able to choose clothes with the perfect fit. You can put varying sizing charts because different countries use different ways to measure clothes and body sizes.

Detail all product listings

When you create a product listing, make sure that it is as detailed as possible. This way, your customers have a clear idea of what to expect when their items arrive at their doorstep. Try to address potential issues even before your customers bring them to your attention.

Often, the problem with buying items online is that the color of the product differs from what they see online. That is because when you are photographing products, your objective is to make it as vibrant as possible, so the colors will definitely look brighter.

To eliminate any confusion, tell your customers what to expect when they finally get their items without disparaging your products. A good way to do this is to create a FAQ page on your website. Here, they will find the answers to their questions without having to send you their queries.

Enable zooming

You can also reassure your customers by simply enabling a zoom feature on your page. If you let your customers zoom in on your items and see every inch of them from every angle, they will be more reassured.

Strengthen your QA department

In connection with the suggestion above, it would not do any good if you enable zooming in your website when 50% of your products (the ones you are not showing online) are defective. If you really want to prevent customers from returning your products, make sure that your quality assurance department is on top of things.

Checking and packing of products

Even the smallest defect may be an issue to some customers, so instruct your QA team to be vigilant when it comes to checking all of your products before shipping them out. This way, you will be able to manage any defective item before it reaches your customers.

At the end of the day, the best way still is to provide your customers with top-quality products so that they will not have anything to complain about.

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