How to Travel with a Bottle of Wine

How to Travel with a Bottle of Wine

Wine and travel definitely go together, as both of these things can relieve a great amount of stress. However, travelling with a bottle of wine in tow can be a bit tricky, especially if your travel plans require you to hop on a plane.

Travelling with a bottle (or two) of your favourite wine is definitely possible and today, we are going to discuss the things that you should be aware of if you are planning on calling your favourite wine delivery in the UK to bring it to one of your most favourite travel locations.

Pack it Properly

As you might already be aware of, wine bottles are delicate and can break easily. This is especially true if you are travelling with it, as your bag can be tossed around, leaving your wine bottle in danger of breaking. This, of course, can be a huge problem, especially if the wine is sitting next to your clothes or important documents in your bag.

If you want to protect the bottles (which you should), then make sure to wrap them in a bubble wrap, a padded box, your clothes, or a hard-sided case. This will prevent the bottles from breaking if ever it is hit with a high impact.

Bring Your Wine Accessories

wine with a corkscrew

You should never forget to pack your wine accessories as well, as these can be difficult to find, especially if you are travelling to a remote place. Bring your corkscrew, wine or bottle opener, a glass wine or two, and other things you think you might need for wine drinking.

You can buy a padded carrying case to make sure that your wine is completely safe from spillage and breakage. These bags also allow you to carry a couple of wine accessories, which is perfect for quick getaways.

Be Familiar with the Restrictions

If you travel often, then you already know that airports all over the world can be strict when it comes to travelling with liquids. As a general rule, passengers travelling with hand luggage only are allowed to carry liquids below 100ml. For larger bottles, you can only bring them onboard if you bought them at a duty-free shop. You should also keep the receipt.

When in doubt, just have your wine checked in. It is also ideal to call your local airport and ask them about their regulations when it comes to wines and liquids.

Consider Driving Instead

If you can reach your destination by land, then you would most likely get away with bringing a bottle of wine by driving instead. This way, you can even bring a case of wine if you prefer to skip airline restrictions. Put it in the trunk so you would not get questioned by your local police. Make sure to still pad your wines, though, as the pressure and road bumps can take a toll on your bottles.

Once you have arrived at your destination, make sure to take the bottles out and store it in a dry, cool place. Go ahead and enjoy your wine with your loved ones!

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