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Root Canals: Questions For Your Endodontist

Root Canals: Questions For Your Endodontist

Having a good set of teeth can make a huge difference in your overall smile and appearance. Aside from making sure that teeth are aligned and white, you also need to keep them healthy and free from cavities. However, sometimes, it is inevitable to have cavities or a bad tooth. Fortunately, in most cases, there are ways to treat and manage this problem without having to sacrifice the tooth.

This process is known as a root canal. Finding a skilled endodontist in places like Lone Tree, Provo and Peekskill might take some time, but you need an endodontist who can offer their expertise at an affordable rate. Before having the procedure done, know as much information as you can about the procedure. There is no better way to do so than by asking the right questions.

What Is Root Canal?

A root canal is a process of preserving a dead tooth. Having a root canal is possible when the outer layer of a tooth is still in good condition, but the insides have already decayed. The procedure involves cleaning and removing the infected pulp. Then, the endodontist will clean and shape the insides of the tooth to prevent infection from spreading. Because the case is “hollow,” an outer protective layer called a crown will be installed.

Is It Necessary?

A dead tooth will cause pain and discomfort for most people. Removing it will be logical. However, every tooth has a function and removing one would mean replacing it with an artificial tooth to keep the mouth’s bite and function. So, in cases where it is possible to keep the tooth, dentists and endodontists choose to do so to preserve the mouth’s natural order.

What Should I Expect During the Procedure?

The procedure will generally take between 30-90 minutes and will require you to open your mouth for most parts. Anesthesia will be used throughout the procedure to help you with the pain. The procedure will involve various tools to drill and clean your tooth. There will be discomfort but very little to no pain.

How Many Sessions will It Take?

Depending on the condition of your tooth, the procedure may be finished in one to three sessions. Your endodontist won’t be able to give you a concrete number until he has started with the procedure and has witnessed the actual condition of your tooth.

What Are the Things I can Do During Recovery?

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Because it is a major procedure, you will experience some discomfort and minor pain after the root canal. Your endodontist might prescribe over the counter medications to help manage the pain. Chew carefully and go on a soft foods diet for a few days. The discomfort will go away in a couple of days, and you will be able to eat and function normally again.

The more you know about root canals, the easier it will be for you to go through the procedure and recover. Include these points in the questions you will ask your endodontist and see how much more you can learn about the procedure from a visit to their clinic.


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