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More Than a Skiing Destination: Why People Love Visiting Utah

More Than a Skiing Destination: Why People Love Visiting Utah

Utah’s tourism is booming. According to the Utah Tourism Industry Association (UTIA), tourists spent $13.4 billion in 2018, which supported 133,000 jobs. The state’s successful marketing campaign, which began in 2013, has increased the number of visitors by a half-million every year. The campaign targeted people in North California, who greatly contributed to the state’s tourism boost.

Utah has 14 ski resorts, making it a popular destination for skiers. Ten of these resorts are less than an hour away from Salt Lake City International Airport, so they are convenient for tourists. But the state is more than a ski destination as it has plenty of attractions you can visit at any season.

Visiting the Wild West

Apart from the ski resorts, Utah is also home to 43 state parks, 11 national monuments, five national parks, two national recreation areas, and one national historic site. The state also holds different arts events throughout the year, including Moab Music Festival, Utah Arts Festival, and Sundance Film Festival, among others.

You can find luxurious vacation rentals in Bear Lake and the surrounding areas, making your stay even more pleasurable. Several affordable hotels are also available near the state’s tourist attractions.

Where to Go in Utah

No matter what kind of traveler you are, you can find tourist spots or activities that suit your interest. Here are three places you shouldn’t miss during your trip:

  • Zion National Park – this is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the US with more than four million visitors annually. It has towering sandstone monoliths, rock formation, slot canyons, and hanging gardens, capturing visitors’ hearts. You can also enjoy outdoor activities even with your kids.
  • Capitol Reef National Park – this national park will leave you in awe with its colorful domes, twisting canyons, towering cliffs, arches, and bridges. The light makes their colors change from deep reds to pastel pinks, soft yellows, burnt orange, and white. Make sure to explore hiking trails while you’re here.
  • Highway 12 – recognized as an All American Road, this road features lunar-like landscape mixed in with different colors and various styles of rock formation.

Utah offers exciting outdoor activities, from hiking to skiing. It depends on the season you plan to visit the state.

Best Time to Go to Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

You can visit Utah anytime and you wouldn’t run out of things to do. But the ideal time to visit the state and its national parks are from April to May and September to October. These seasons are when the state has moderate crowds and temperatures.

Visiting the state in spring gives you the chance to witness active wildlife and blooming flowers. In fall, meanwhile, the state is wrapped in vibrant foliage. In case you want to experience activities, like Bonneville Speed Week or stargazing, you may come to the state from June to August. For winter activities, it’s ideal to come here from December to February.

Utah is a hot destination for many tourists because of its magnificent attractions and friendly residents. Plan your trip early to visit as many national parks as possible and create memories with the state’s exciting adventures.

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