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What Headache Racks Can Do for Your Truck

What Headache Racks Can Do for Your Truck

It is no surprise that driving a semi-truck carries a certain amount of risk. Controlling such a large vehicle takes a lot of effort, and any small mistake can lead to a colossal roadside accident that could cause fatalities and affect many other vehicles.

Because of this, safety and protection from damage are incredibly important for trucking companies and their drivers. One easy way to dramatically improve safety in the truck is by installing a headache rack.

While the origins of the name are unknown, it may have something to do with its purpose. A headache rack is an installation that is typically made of durable metals such as aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. It is placed right behind the tractor, and its job is to protect the driver from any cargo or a stray object that breaks loose and flies in the direction of the driver and the tractor. Hence, it is able to prevent any injuries to the head of the driver (one possible origin of the name) as well as any headaches associated with the truck being damaged.

One of the best things about a headache rack is that it is available for every truck. There are standard sizes that will fit on most tractors, but even if none of these fit on yours, you could easily have one custom-made. There are even headache racks that do not only protect the back of the tractor but can also protect the whole tractor in the event of a rollover.

Here are some of the other benefits that come with having a headache rack on your truck:

Provide additional comfort

Aside from providing additional safety measures and support for the driver, headache racks are also able to make the inside of the tractor more comfortable. Not only is a headache rack able to shield against cargo, but it also does so effectively against sunlight. As the metal that headache racks are made of can reflect heat, this ensures that less of it enters the tractor. This helps keep the air inside much cooler and thus gives the driver more comfort, especially during the warmer months.

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Use in storage

Any headache rack for semi-tractor is also equipped with tool racks or trays that can be used to easily store and access your essential roadside tools. For example, some have loading chain racks that allow you to easily secure transport chains that you use in hauling items so that you can easily reach for these when needed.

Mounting extra accessories

Headache racks can also be used to provide an additional mounting surface for other useful items for a truck. In particular, you can mount lighting fixtures on a headache rack that can prove to be useful in a variety of situations. You can also use it as a mounting surface for an additional toolbox right behind your cab should you need extra storage space for more tools in your cab.

Enhance the aesthetics

Last and definitely not least, a headache rack simply makes your truck look much better. On its own, the silver metallic finish of a headache rack is enough to add a fresh, rugged, and cool look to your truck. Even better, they can be painted over or designed according to your tastes or to match your truck, thus making your truck even more recognizable and special.

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