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Put an End to the Struggle of Losing Fat: From Gaming to Science

Put an End to the Struggle of Losing Fat: From Gaming to Science

Many people in highly industrialised and rich countries, especially the United Kingdom (UK), are becoming obese. They experience various health issues that also affect them mentally and socially. With the growing number of people with weight problems, various solutions have come to life. From gaming to the use of innovative medical technologies, the struggle of losing fat and weight may come to its end.

Obesity in the United Kingdom

In England, a 2017 survey found that approximately 29 per cent of adults were classified as obese. At this rate, obesity had slowly become a serious public health issue.

The problem is easily seen by the increase in the number of hospitalisations due to obesity, with more than 10,660 hospital admissions in 2017 alone. Over 700,000 admissions were related to excess weight. Most of these hospitalisations were linked to heart problems and even cancer, particularly in the kidney, stomach, liver and blood, among others.

That 2017 survey also revealed that one out of five Australian children was obese, and this might trigger bullying and low self-confidence.

Weight problems often arise from a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Many people have no time to be active, while some tend to get lazy to exercise. If you want to commit to being more active and healthier,  here are some of the things that may help you toward fitness:

How to Lose Fat Through Gaming

If you are not keen on going to the gym, and you primarily enjoy the comfort and privacy of your home, then playing games, particularly video games, is one way to become fit. Yes, you have read it right. Every console has its a game that can help you get fit and lose fat — you just need to find it.

For PlayStation 4, the PSVR offers a limited number of games in which you can use your whole body to control the game. Some of these games include Sprint Vector and Holo Ball. For the Nintendo Switch, there are the Nintendo-made games, and there is the currently viral Ring Fit Adventure, which has at least two testimonials indicating that the game was, indeed, effective in helping them lose fat. People reportedly lost fat playing 25 minutes per day for 30 days.

However, if obesity is at its worst, this is where science comes in.

How to Lose Fat with the Help of Science

With the exponential and significant development in science and technology, many people are willing to go under the knife to lose stubborn fats quickly and safely. Apart from liposuction, an invasive method of fat removal that has been out there for decades, there are many emerging ways to lose fat. One of them is “cryolipolysis” or fat freeze treatment. Singapore is one of the few countries with highly qualified surgeons that can do this treatment.

Living Healthy is Still the Best Solution

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More than any game or scientific procedure, a good way to lose fat and prevent any obesity-linked disease is to live healthily. Control your diet and have a daily exercise routine. These are the two things that will significantly help you in losing weight, maintaining a healthy body and feeling good, mentally and socially.

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