Rap Star: Starting Well in the Rap Music Scene

Rap Star: Starting Well in the Rap Music Scene

Music is a universal language. Everyone in the world listens to music. Some have preferred genres; others can listen to and enjoy anything. In the past few years, there have been types of music that are regional. There are also types of music that capture a worldwide following.

This type of music is called popular music, also known as pop music. In the ’80s, Michael Jackson was known as King of Pop, while Madonna was Queen of Pop. Back then, the basis of these titles were worldwide album sales and the number of songs that made it to music charts. Other considerations are song requests on radio stations and concert attendance. During that time, Michael Jackson and Madonna are consistently on top. And even up to this day, both of them are still selling records. On YouTube, their music videos are still earning a million views.

With technology rising to phenomenal levels, music became high-tech as well. Now more than ever, music has become more popular. With more ways to listen, music became more accessible. Even music genres that are considered “regional” are now accessible worldwide. In fact, not only pop music became popular. Even other genres have gained a global following. That genre is rap music. What used to be “just a fad” is now considered a worldwide trend.

As a result, rap music has gained a following. The young people who used to listen to it in the ’80s and the ’90s are now professionals. Most of them are already parents. Their first line of influence is their kids. Even artists who made it in those eras are now in their legendary status. Names such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre are well within their 50s. But their influence has become wider. And it is all over the world.

Because of their influence, they have gathered a following. There is a group of kids who listen to rap music worldwide. Most of them would like to like them—rap music superstars.

Steps for Starting a Career in Rap Music


1. Practice, practice, practice

Practice starts at home. It continues everywhere—when you go to school, when you’re on the bus, and when you do your chores. In rap music, it’s not just about performing; it’s about lyricism. You learn love poetry. You need to be passionate about reading poems and writing poems.

You have to carry a notebook and pen around. When a rhyme pops out in your mind, you have to write it down. With no paper, you have to write it somewhere else. Eminem is known to write rhymes at the palm of his hand.

Then recite your poems everywhere and every time. Try doing it freestyle. Make it conversational. Make poetry your first language. Download minus-one hip-hop beats, and then rhyme with them. Do it every day until it becomes a part of you.

man recording

2. Connect with professionals

This needs to be done deliberately. Look for the best of them and build a relationship with them. If you come across a pro, be bold. Ask them to train you. Ask them to mentor you. By doing this, you not only improve, but you also open the door to where you want to be. Become a professional rapper. They will also teach you the tricks and trade of the industry. You need to learn not only the artistic part but the business part of it.

The artistic part is where you write songs and perform. But the business part is selling it. In 2021, you need to take advantage of many streaming platforms. Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, just to name a few. That’s where you want your songs to be heard. The right people will help you get there.

In this industry, you will meet people who will guide you along the way. In business, they are called coaches with a marketing strategy. They provide ways and means for you to sell and make money. In the music industry, they are called road managers. Road managers make sure that all your needs to succeed are prepared for you.

You need to write songs as often as you can. By being connected to song producers, you get to record quality sounding tracks. Compile your songs, make an album. Then accept invitations to perform anywhere. This way, you get to make a name in the circle of rap music.

3. Do Not Be Afraid of Rejections

Do you know what Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Missy Elliot, and Eminem have in common? Their first albums are all flops. Their albums are either dropped, shelved, or sold only a few. Because of this, their first record labels had to release them. But they all refused to quit.

As a professional artist, you have to sell your music to record labels. And in reality, rejections will happen. Either by the record companies or by the fans themselves. Do not be afraid. This is the reason you are surrounded by other pros. And remember that this is the reason for your passion so that your music will be heard.

The music industry is a world of the arts and business at the same time. So it is important to master both worlds. With the right people with you, it is possible. If you are resilient and diligent, you will survive. And if you are passionate about rap music, you can be a rap star.

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