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Risks and Rollers: How to Design a Website for Casinos

Risks and Rollers: How to Design a Website for Casinos

In Las Vegas, every web design company has its way of attracting potential patrons to the websites of the casinos they cater to. It is usually done through a combination of elegant-looking interfaces, script fonts, sparkling effects, and backgrounds that exude luxury and splendor. Patrons are made to feel like they are part of some exclusive club where only the wealthiest of the wealthy are permitted in. The ambiance of luxury permeates the look of most casino websites, luring people with lofty images and promises of opulence. Luck, fortune, and money are emphasized, lumped together as a package that one can get in the snap of a finger. That is as long as they step inside the casino, of course.

But there are other ways of attracting people. We could, for instance, focus on why they need to gamble. What are they willing to put at stake, and what for. And, most importantly, how will they be able to sustain such a longing? What will keep them playing on for hours and hours?

Here are some web design tips to make a casino appealing to more patrons.

Keep Them Addictive

Games of chance are free. And that is precisely the point — they make their players addicted while ensuring that they will cost the players nothing. That comes off as a false promise to them that if they play in the casino, they will get back what they give in thousandfold if they play hard enough or long enough.

Come up with simple mock casino games on the front page of your website and let patrons play for free. But there’s a catch — to prevent them from using the online game as a safe substitute for the real deal, wait until they get addicted enough to pay for the full version. And one way they can get the full version is through actual playing sessions in the real machines of the casino being advertised.

Keep the Clientele in Mind

Set up a website ambiance that caters to all ages. Remember, it is not just high-rollers who enter casinos, but also their heirs and heiresses. What kind of rich young bachelor or bachelorette wouldn’t want to be part of something hip, exclusive, and exciting? If possible, make your website look as fashionable as possible to a variety of generations. Use young and old models for advertisements. Use testimonials that appeal to the sensibilities of each generation. Focus also on the similarities that exist. For instance, both generations of wealthy high-rollers like expensive cars and jewelry, things that they might get in a snap of a finger if they play their cards right. It will make them even more appealing to the social ladder. Or at least, that is what they will feel.

Web design and advertising are a game, and when it comes to advertising such volatile things as casinos, the risks are felt more strongly than ever. It is important to keep the demographics in mind while designing the casino’s website. Be careful of looking too desperate, cheap, or “new” rich. Know your market well, and the risks might pay off.

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