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Sanctuary in the Midst of the City

Sanctuary in the Midst of the City

London’s Oasis

St John’s Woods is a beautifully preserved, picturesque English village, nestled – quite unexpectedly – in the centre of the nation’s busiest metropolis, London. Residents here enjoy the sanctuary and security of a small town, whilst still being able to enjoy all the wonders and attractions of contemporary city life. One of the things that gives St John’s woods it’s strong sense of community – besides it’s idyllic surroundings, parks and architecture – is the relationships that are formed between residents and the proprietors of the numerous shops and amenities within the area. These relationships form the bedrock of the community in St John’s Wood, and one of the most important are those between patient-practitioner.

Bedrock of the community

One practice which helps establish the core of the community within St John’s Wood is Aura Dentistry, who offer patient centred, bespoke dental treatment to all ages across a range of cosmetic and structural procedures. Treatment here is always carried out by a practitioner that the patient shares good rapport with, and trust wholeheartedly, and only undertaken after lengthily consultations and face-to-face meetings. It is this relationship founded on trust and support that helps Aura Dentistry maintain its reputation as one of the cities most renowned dental practice.

Filling in the gaps

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One procedure offered here is the installation of dental implants. Implants are by no stretch a contemporary procedure, and can be dated back in their earliest forms to around 310 BC – when stone, bones and other minerals were used to fill holes in the teeth of wealthy Egyptians. Today however, science has thankfully made the process far less rudimentary, painful and expensive and implants are offered to all ages and walks of life. The process of installing dental implants involves a trusted practitioner drilling a small hole within a patient’s teeth where the tooth is missing and inserting a titanium screw into the gums. Then, after a brief healing period during which time the titanium fuses with the bone in the root of the mouth, a porcelain prophetic tooth is then inserted into the screw – bridging the gap with a new, virtually indistinguishable tooth. Implants are generally offered in case where the patients’ teeth are damaged beyond repair, and are used as a cosmetic solution to a structural problem as they generally bridge gaps where teeth are missing.

Brace yourself

Another corrective treatment that is offered here is the installation of braces. Unlike implants, braces are not purely cosmetic as when worn, they align teeth to their correct specifications over time – set out with the patient before installation through lengthily consultations. There are three distinctly different types of braces offered here. The first is conventional, metal ‘train-track’ braces which are carbon alloy metal braces clear, ceramic braces – which are similar to metal ‘train-tracks’ only they are constructed out of see-through plastics so they are hidden at first sight from the outside. This form of treatment is popular with teenagers as they can undergo corrective surgery, without attracting unwanted attention from their peers. The third form of braces offered at Aura Dentistry is lingual braces, which are again similar to the previously mentioned treatments, only they are fitted to the inside of a patient’s teeth – so are virtually undetectable from the outside. These treatments can vastly boost a patents self-confidence as they can go through the alignment process without visibly altering their appearance.

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