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The American Dream: Why Construct Your Own Home

The American Dream: Why Construct Your Own Home

Equality is the bedrock of the American Dream. It’s the ideal that every person has the right to achieve their goals and aspirations. No matter your birthplace or class, you have every right to be successful. Although the definition of success varies with every person, one constant element remains: home ownership.

The American Dream of Homeownership

The desire to have a place to call home is alive in every person. Some may want it because of a need to put down roots and belong to a community; others may see the dream as some form of financial security. After all, a well-chosen tangible asset allows you to stay liquid in times of trouble.

For example, you can make improvements to the property over time and build equity. Building home equity allows you to have access to credit. Equity also ensures your improved home could fetch top dollar on the property market when you decide to resell.

When you buy a home, you save money from paying rent. The downpayment, along with the monthly mortgage, will mean tightening your expenses. Ownership may also cost more than renting because you’ll be responsible for repairs and taxes. But renting also means throwing away money that could secure your future.

Whatever reasons you have for wanting to own a home, you’ll always have something valuable.

This American Dream can be expensive, but people have found a way to manage the cost. How can you spend less on owning a home?

Weigh the pros and cons of building from the ground up or buying move-in ready properties.

The Case for Home Construction

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There are plenty of move-in ready properties in the market. Except, choosing any of these may mean compromising on certain needs. Often, existing homes don’t meet all of your requirements and don’t match your vision for a certain lifestyle.

In contrast, building your home means customizing the property to suit your needs. Whether you live on your own or want to start a family, building from the ground up leaves you with the home of your dreams.

But first, you need the right contractors for the job. And doing an online search for building contractors is easy. SEO services optimize contractor sites so that you’re able to find a suitable professional to work on your home. You can look up previous projects, verify the credentials and reputation, and testimonials from satisfied clients.

Other than customization, cost is a desirable factor to choosing home construction. Did you know that on a per square foot basis, it’s 30 percent cheaper to build you home? A 1,500 square feet home would cost you $150 per square foot to buy compared to the $100 per square foot for building your home. The rate, of course, will vary with different cities and neighborhoods.

You can further cut the cost of constructing your home by choosing alternative materials. For example, you could use shipping containers or recycled wood for certain structures.

Material quality isn’t something that you can guarantee with existing homes. Previous homeowners might have cut some corners, which would have cost you more in the future. In this case, you can watch your home as it gets built with economical but sturdy materials.

The American Dream doesn’t have to be elusive. With sufficient time and the right professional help, you can own your home.

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