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What Makes a Business Dinner Stand Out?

What Makes a Business Dinner Stand Out?

Working in a company means having to organize different types of business dinners and events. It’s important for the success of your business to be good at organizing these dinners. A successful dinner can impress clients and attract investments into your business. An idea pitched to a satisfied and impressed client has a greater chance of being accepted. It can also be an opportunity to get to know your colleagues, show appreciation to your business partners, and discuss new ideas. Business dinners are no small matter, which is why we provide the following advice to make them run perfectly:

Choose a tried and tested place

The restaurant is not the focus of your meeting. It is simply there to facilitate conversations. If you are the host, always make sure to invite your guest to a place that you are familiar with. In this case, overfamiliarity is a good thing. It will ensure that nothing goes in an unexpected way, leading to awkwardness.

Remember that having control over the situation and being perfectly at ease will give you the upper hand during negotiations. Choose a restaurant or bar where you have been before or where the staff know you. You should order promptly from the menu, and get something you have gotten before or is easy to maneuver. Don’t waste time on unnecessary details. A business dinner is not the time for experimentation.

Make your invitation look good

The best way to ensure that you get an RSVP is to create an impressive invitation. If you are planning a formal dinner, you can use letterpress invitations to convey the event’s significance. Just make sure that the dinner is appropriately matched to the invitation. Even if you are inviting someone over an email, pay attention to formatting and spelling to come off as serious. Always include a printable version of the invitation in an email so that the invited can print it out if it is misplaced.

Follow up after the dinner

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This is applicable universally, whether you are the host or the guest. Thank the other party for coming or for inviting you. Make the message personal, but mentioning points from the dinner conversation that you feel have been productive. Send the thank-you email or text soon after you reach home. If follow-up actions have been discussed at the meeting, take action swiftly and get back to them within one or two business days. This will show that you are not just all talk and prompt action while the memory of the dinner is still fresh.

Deal with the bill ahead of time

Don’t spend time calculating tips and paying the bill in front of your client. It is a distraction. Pick up the bill on your way out , or excuse yourself while you quickly deal with the bill. You can also ask the restaurant to send it directly to your company or mail it to you.

Some of the best ideas are formed over business dinners. They should always be given importance. It is often the first glimpse into your managerial and organizational skills that your client will get.

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