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Things People Get Addicted to but Hardly Ever Notice

Things People Get Addicted to but Hardly Ever Notice

When talking about addiction, most people initially think about illicit substances or empty bottles. However, addiction isn’t limited to those items. In fact, experts have revealed that humans can become addicted to anything that can relieve stress or pain. That’s because people are naturally drawn to anything that produces feelings of euphoria, especially when the effects are instant.

From fast food to shopping, millions have developed dependence beyond substances, meaning getting treatment to stop drinking or smoking won’t be enough anymore.

Here is a look at the most unusual addictions that many people may have and don’t notice.


Although exercising is a great activity to participate in, too much can do more harm than good. To avoid getting overstressed or overwhelmed by your emotions, keep yourself in check to continually see if you want to exercise or feel satisfied with a couple of sessions.

Fast Food

Obesity has become a worldwide issue, and though most of it is due to people making poor life decisions, it turns out, some of them become the people they are right now thanks to eating unhealthy fast food—which can be addicting to overtime. The combination of salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats create craving and urges similarly you’d feel when you’re high on drugs.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can be an addicting endeavor for some. That’s because once you know how a procedure can improve your appearance drastically and notice yourself ‘reverting’ to the real you when you deem you look unappealing. However, this urge can get out of hand quickly, so choose wisely.

Shopping Addiction

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Shopping addiction is when a person spends excessive time and money on the activity, lying about what they’re doing, and hiding purchases. They often feel euphoric when they buy things, like when a person with a drug issue uses their preferred substances. The activity can also bring on sensations of emptiness, anger, or the urge to establish a sense of control. Additionally, you’ll also typically buy expensive things.


Tanning addiction is common, especially among younger women and men between 18 and 30. This practice can be dangerous and fatal as too much tanning can lead to skin cancer—with indoor tanning being responsible for over 450,000 cases of skin cancer in the United States every year. Tanning can become addictive as the presence of UV light has been shown to trigger the production of endorphins or the ‘feel-good hormone,’ leaving you to find yourself getting a tan more often or staying longer in the tanning bed.

Internet Gaming

Addiction to gaming via the internet is a relatively recent discovery and can be very dangerous. However, unlike substance abuse or food addiction, there are not biological aspects of gaming addiction, but most experts compare it to the euphoric feeling you’d feel when gambling thanks to the activities elevating dopamine.

Compulsive Lying

Due to chemical dependency being based on immediate gratification and reward center properties, the habit of compulsively lying falls under the addiction category. Like other addictions, people who are addicted to compulsively lie feel a sense of ‘reward’ after telling people lies. The pleasure resulting from lying causes changes in your brain and body, making it inherently addictive—and after the compulsion kicks in, a person will lie without hesitation.

Addiction isn’t limited to substances or gambling. It can root from anywhere, such as those mentioned. Be proactive and keep everything you do to a healthy limit, and if you think or a loved one may have any ‘unusual’ addiction, seek help immediately.

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