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What to Wear at the Shooting Range for Women

What to Wear at the Shooting Range for Women

Shooting sports can be intimidating, especially when you’re new to it. Aside from ensuring your safety, you also have to think about what to wear. If you enjoy fashion, this isn’t really the place for that. Shooting sports would require you to come in the most comfortable attire that protects you from lead contamination, fumes, or bullets. You may also get hit by hot brass, the scorching hot cartridge from which a bullet is encased in prior to shooting.


So, with these in mind, how can a woman enjoy shooting with the proper attire? Here are some tips to keep in mind for a great time at the shooting range:




For your top, you can choose to go with a long-sleeved top or short-sleeved one that’s breathable and comfortable. Make sure the top covers up your chest to protect you from hot brass bouncing on you. 




Consider that you’ll either be sitting, standing, or lying on the ground when you shoot. You want to wear something that will be easy to move in and comfortable to wear. You can opt to wear jeans, pants, or long shorts. But if you’re practicing your draw, you may want to wear tactical pants that wear well with your holster, as well as a sturdy belt.




A good pair of closed-toe, comfortable, and supportive shoes are essential when you want to pull off good shots. These shoes can help you get a good stance, which can help you pull those shots off. You’ll also want to protect your feet from hot brass.


Your shooting range shoes will inevitably pick up lead particles from the range. It’s best to have a designated pair only for shooting to prevent you from scattering lead in your house, office, or in other places.




The most important accessories that you must have are a pair of shooting glasses or eyeglasses that can protect your eyes from any shooting impact. If your shooting range is indoors, you can opt for clear or yellow glasses.


You must also have ear protection. Guns are very loud and may affect your hearing. You can choose from earplugs to earmuffs. Depending on how frequent you stay in the range, you must ensure that your ears are well-protected from the loud noises.


You’ll be out in the sun a lot, so consider keeping a bottle of sunscreen, and lip balm with UV protection on hand. If the shooting range is outside, get yourself a brimmed hat. This is to protect your hair from the lead debris and hot brass flying around.


What to avoid


Depending on what your local shooting range’s dress code is, choose women's shooting clothes that are safe and breathable. There are some clothes that you should avoid for your own peace of mind and safety. 


First, don’t wear clothes that you want to get dirty, like your favorite tops or white clothes. The grease from guns and CLP may ruin them. Skip clothes that feel too heavy or weigh you down. When you shoot, you need to be in a good stance and that means wearing something comfortable. Short shorts or tops with a v-neck or a low neckline should also be avoided. This is to protect you from hot brass.


When it comes to footwear, skip the flip-flops, sandals, and open-toed shoes. Again, these shoes may compromise your safety by exposing you to lead particles and hot bullet cases.


Shooting can be a great recreational sport for men and women. But be sure to choose clothes that will keep you protected. You can even consider having a separate set of clothes solely for shooting range use.

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